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S1000D - Author the Identification & Status Sect Training Course

Ref: ADGS1000D-002-4
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This FREE educational session will focus on the IDStatus of a Data Module, including all mandatory elements that are required to ensure you have a valid IDStatus. Content that is presented in this session will include viewing the structure of the IDStatus in an authoring environment, such as R4i Workbench.  Information about the requirements for a Data Module and the make of the IDStatus will be provided during this session. Please note: The 'Author the Identification & Status Sect Training' session does have instructional steps for you to complete in an S1000D Authoring Tool.  Therefore, you should have your preferred Authoring package open, ready for you to complete these steps. If you do not have an S1000D Authoring Tool and would like to review ADG's S1000D web-based Authoring Tool - R4i Workbench, please contact the ADG Training department on training@absolutedata.com


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