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Printed Workbook for VIRTUAL 4 x 2 hour session

Ref: V10-4-BOOK
Price: $50.00

This printed workbook is available for students participating in Virtual 4 x 2 hour Instructor-led sessions.  These sessions include:

  • Advanced Adobe FrameMaker v9.x
  • Authoring Adobe FrameMaker v9.x


Printed Workbook for VIRTUAL 6 x 2 hour session

Ref: V11-6-BOOK
Price: $75.00

This printed workbook is available for students participating in Virtual 6 x 2 hour Instructor-led sessions.  These sessions include:

  • Introduction to Adobe FrameMaker v9.x


FrameMaker 9 VIRTUAL Training - Authoring Structured Docs

Ref: FMS9-V03
Price: $500.00


Get the most out of your FrameMaker 9 software with this complete Virtual course that provides instruction details on Structured Authoring lessons. This interactive Virtual course contains 4 x 2 hour Instructor-led training sessions, with practical exercises to be completed after each session. This course was designed by FrameMaker trainers with over 15 years of teaching experience. On completion of this course students will be able to create documents using FrameMaker (Structured). Also helpful for those, such as structured template designers and SGM/XML application developers, who need a basic working knowledge of the FrameMaker Structured authoring environment. An online workbook is provided free of charge with this course, however if you would prefer a printed workbook, this can be mailed to you for an additional cost.


  • Course content is designed for Adobe FrameMaker 9 for Windows.
  • A reasonable level of experience with Windows XP, 2000, Vista or 7  is recommended.
  • Students will require access to a computer with Adobe FrameMaker 9 installed.
At the successful completion of this course you will be issued with a Certificate of Achievement.


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